TIFF EXIF Image Stripper by CS

Version 0.6 Beta

Screenshot of the "TIFF EXIF Image Stripper by CS" software in use.

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Image files can contain lots of additional private information that you may not want to distribute. These information can contain EXIF tags, private tags, desciptions, or meta-data. This freeware tool will remove this sensitive data from your files and helps you to protect your privacy. It can help protect your business success by removing this data from images you pass on to others. This software performs in-depth analysis and reconstruction of TIFF files, so you can remove more information than with other, less sophisticated methods.

Warning: The software is in development status and therefore does not support all possible TIFF formats. Also not all kinds of meta-data and tags are supported, so check the files for private data afer using this tool. The TIFF tags that are stripped include:
Artist, Copyright, HostComputer, DateTime, Make, Model, Software, SubIFDs, XMP, EXIFFId and all private TIFF  tags

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last changed: 2010-9-01